Are You Confused About Your Medicare Plan Options?

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Put Yourself Firmly in the Driver’s Seat and Choose Your Best Medicare Plan with this Straight-Forward Easy to Understand Mini-Course as Your Guide
Do you want to save money, get the coverage you want and have peace of mind?

Are you unsure which type of plan would be right for you?

Many people choose a plan for the wrong reasons. Choose a plan based on facts.

My 8 Part Video Mini-Course will unlock vital information you need to make the right choice. Including…

  • What you need to know about Medicare Advantage before you enroll
  • The differences between the 6  types of Medicare Advantage plans and why it matters
  • Medicare Advantage Special Enrollment Periods you may have never heard of
  • The best time to buy a Medicare Supplement
  • When you can buy a Medicare Supplement Guaranteed… regardless of your current health
  • The difference between the 10 standardized Medicare Supplements and which one may be right for you
  • A comparison of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements and what you should consider before you choose
  • Little known criteria you should consider when choosing a plan

Here’s What Others are Saying…


Trying to de-code the world of Medicare vs. Medigap and Advantage Plans vs. Insurance is like walking in a dense jungle with only a butter knife to cut through the brush! I’ve spent countless hours doing my own research and also talked to many people. David Forbes is the first one who actually made things easier to understand. He also speaks in plain English, so those of us who aren’t in the business can grasp the concepts much better. I give this gentleman an A+, and highly recommend him. I promise he’ll save you a ton of time, and a lot of headaches!

Jim Roan
Clearwater FL

I stumbled upon David’s “8-Step Medicare Mini-Course” about a year ago. I have referred several friends who are aging into Medicare to his course. It is a great overview — Medicare bite-sized and easy to digest. It helps them structure their questions as so many are confused and overwhelmed by Medicare. I suggest they keep it as a resource for the future.

The first choice in deciding between the two paths of Medicare is very important and we have no experience with the model so it is intimidating. I know 65 creeps up on you but if everyone would start studying Medicare on their 64th birthday, before they even approach their Initial Enrollment Period, they would be prepared and better informed.

Ventura CA

The materials presented by David Forbes were helpful and to the point. He has summarized a truckload of information in presenting these materials.

Preston Keys
Toledo OH

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